As friends of the Harvest House growers we are on a mission to produce delicious and healthy food. We are simply looking to share our love for tasty and nutritious vegetables, of the highest quality guaranteed. Rich in nutrients and low in calories, our products are sustainable, with a low footprint and minimum waste. Cause we ambrace and use the imperfect veggie misfits.

Food Fellows is an initiative of Harvest House, an international association of passionate growers, specialised in salads. Harvest House is one of the biggest and most innovative companies in the sector. Food Fellows creates creative and tasty solutions for the most delicious veggies that do not make it to the shelves. Tomatoes that have fallen of their vine or that are just a little too ripe. We make the most honest and tasty 100% natural products out of them. These products are low in salt, sugar and fat. We never use artificial additives, colours or flavours. This way we do not only fight food waste, we also make it very easy to eat healthily. This is how we can feed every person in the world in a sustainable way. 

Bulk packaging 2 x 5 kg
For foodservice- and industrial clients we offer bulk packaging. The boxes contain two bags of 5 kilograms. Are you a producer, caterer or wholesaler? Then our Tomato Base, Tomato Soup and Pasta Sauce may be of interest to you. Interested? Please contact sales@foodfellows.nl.
The Tomato Base consists of 100% tomato. It is a pure basic sauce, which can be used in 1001 ways. The Tomato Soup is a delicious soup, ready to use. This beautiful, fresh and tasty soup contains no less than 84% vegetables. The Pasta Sauce consists of 95% vegetables and is ideal for pastas and lasagnes.

Cups 550g
The cups contain 550g of sauce. The Tomato Base consists of 100% tomato and is ideal as a base for soup, sauce and pizza. The Pasta Sauce Traditional consists of 95% vegetables. With this sauce you can prepare a tasty pasta or lasagna in no time. The same goes for the new Pasta Sauce Garlic. This sauce is great for garlic lovers. This contains 94% vegetables.
Why our products are packed in plastic? You can read that here.

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