As friends of the Harvest House growers we are on a mission to produce delicious and healthy food. We are simply looking to share our love for tasty and nutritious vegetables, of the highest quality guaranteed. Rich in nutrients and low in calories, our products are sustainable, with a low footprint and minimum waste. Cause we ambrace and use the imperfect veggie misfits.

This is how we can feed every person in the world with healthy, nutritious and affordable vegetables, that also taste much better. This is what drives us! True, we think of our vegetables in a very specific and particular manner. After all, you should not eat veggies just because you must, but because you can. And we are here to make things tasty and easy. Let’s be honest: We all love good food. We select our vegetables with this principle in mind, to achieve the best taste possible. Fresh and with a bite.

Naturally, this is exactly how our tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers taste: as a snack, in a salad, pasta sauce or soup: this is the real deal! Always fresh, always pure. Honestly produced and free from any additives. We love to make things easy for you. In the way we package, put together ingredients, make up recipes and prepare ready-made products. Look for us in your local supermarket. Let us surprise you with the delicious taste of our products. Convenient and sustainable, bursting with health!

EASY sauces
Food Fellows' EASY sauces are made from the tastiest vegetables with imperfections. 
The sauces are a 100% natural and contain at least 90% vegetables. They are low in salt, sugar and fat. With these versatile sauces you can serve a guilt-free dish in no-time. The EASY Tomato Base is the ideal base for soup, sauce and pizza. With the EASY Pasta Sauce you quickly prepare a pasta or lasagne. The mildly spicy EASY Chili Sauce can be used for Mexicans dishes or as a dip for nachos. The EASY Curry Sauce with delicious spices is perfect for oriental dishes. 

The packaging
Why our products are packed in plastic? You can read that here.

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