Who are the Food Fellows?

Once upon a time, a long time ago, we were very wasteful. We missed opportunities. What we lost along the way didn’t bother us, it didn’t matter. Today, we look at the world differently. We have fun saving the surplus, we enjoy recycling waste, and we take pride in reusing what can be saved. We are Food Fellows: a company committed to turning the best food rejects into top-quality products.
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Who are the Food Fellows?
Food Fellows Good Food Promise stamp

Good Food Promise

Missing out or getting left behind is an unfortunate fact of life. But we are committed to doing something about it by creating something new – and not just anything, but the very best products. Examples include our unrivalled tomato base, our unbelievable pasta sauce, and our extraordinarily rich tomato soup.
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Our food source

The success of Food Fellows mirrors the success of the Dutch agriculture and horticulture industry. We export to all corners of the world and receive international praise for our incredible, delicious, and perfect products.
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FoodFellows Our FoodSource


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