The sauces of Food Fellows are a 100% natural and are made from imperfect vegetables that would otherwise not make it to the shelves. This way we battle food waste. Because the sauces are made from more than 90% veggies, the taste is rich. They are ideal voor 1001 dishes.

Food Fellows is sustainable
- grown in an energy-efficient way
- sustainable water management
- with a low footprint
- maximum use of ‘residual flow’

Looking for the best recipes in combination with our products?
Below you will find an overview of recipes that you can easily make with our products. Healthy and also super tasty, delicious!
* Vegetarian recipes can be recognised by the V.

Recipes with EASY Pasta Sauce:
Portobello mushrooms with lentils and deep-fried goat's cheese (perfect for Christmas)  V
Pasta All'Arabiata  V
Gnocchi    V
Caponata  V
Quick Ziti

Recipes with EASY Tomato Base:
Pasta with tomato cream sauce
Arabian Shakshuka  V
Ossobuco with tomato sauce & grilled vegetable (perfect for Christmas) 
Pasta al Ragu
Tikka Masala
Egg Foo Young   V
Indonesian rice dish with sayur beans and spicy eggs   V
Harira soup   V
Minestrone  V
Italian chicken legs

Recipes with EASY Chili Sauce:
Spicy lentil soup  V
Mexican bean bake   V
Stuffed Sweet Peppers   V
Mexican Meatballs
Quick pasta with Chili Sauce
Vegetarian Chili Pasta   V

Recipes with EASY Curry Sauce:
Curry with toasted almonds  V
Vegan cauliflower curry   V
Quick Thai noodle soup
Aloo Matar   V
Quick Chicken Curry

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